Pricing is a confusing topic in healthcare because Health Insurance is usually involved.

Healthcare charges are configured by a formula of the healthcare practitioner’s time, value assigned for that service, and geographical region in which it is performed. This formula yields the BILLED CHARGE for each service. Uninsured(CASH) patients are given a Payment at the Time of Service(TOS) Discount since there is no billing involved. When Health Insurance is involved it is a little more complicated. When the service is performed by a provider who is “IN” an insurance companies “NETWORK” of providers there is an ALLOWED AMOUNT which is the discounted amount by contract that the company will pay for a service performed. There is often a different OUT-OF-NETWORK ALLOWED AMOUNT for services performed by a provider who does not accept being a Preferred Provider In-Network, or has not yet joined that network, or could not become a provider because the network is closed to new providers. Most patients are surprised at how affordable chiropractic care and massage therapy are, due to the fact that our “CASH” prices have remained the same since ~2000 and most insurance companies have not raised their allowed amounts for our services since about ~2004.

ServiceBilled ChargeAfter $@TOS Discount (Cash)Ins Allowed Amount
New Chiropractic Exam$93-138Typically $83 Typically ~$83-138
Chiropractic Re-exam$25-136Typically $15Typically ~$25-136
Chiropractic Manipulation$50$40Typically ~$30-50
Massage Therapy 50-55 Minutes$120$65Typically ~$56-120


So to summarize for the growing number of uninsured “Payment @ TOS” patients, your initial chiropractic exam and treatment are typically $123 & follow-up treatments are $40.  Each uninsured massage session is $65.